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These are just some conditions that we treat on a regular basis as chiropractors.


Minor or major misalignments in the spine may inflame the nervous system and cause referred pain into the occipital or temporal region of the head. Typically we class these as tension or cluster headaches. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine help to align the joints and decrease the pressure on the nervous system. This helps decrease the inflammation thus reducing the irritation and headaches.

Sciatica and leg pain

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It may become irritated when the vertebrae in the lumbar spine are misaligned causing nerve irritation. When the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed, it is common to experience tingling, burning, or numbness into the leg or foot. Usually sciatica affects one leg but sometimes can affect both legs. Sports injuries, gardening, extended periods of driving, and bad posture are some of the common factors which trigger sciatica. Chiropractic helps to align the spine by reducing the nerve pressure and helps sciatica to improve.

Disc Degeneration

When the spine is out of alignment, this causes increased 'wear and tear' on the joint surfaces. The result of this over time is that the joints wear more than they should and begin to deteriorate. The process of disc degeneration is broken down into four phases. In phase one, the spine is out of alignment but the joints are still undamaged. In phase two the discs do begin to wear, and there may be some bony changes such as bone spurs. Phase three is more advance in that there is much more narrowing of the disc space, and more pressure results around the spinal nerve. The final phase, phase four is where the joint has severe loss of movement and continuous pain is usually present. In terms of disc degeneration, prevention is the best cure. It is crucial to begin treatment as soon as disc degeneration is detected in order to increase flexibility and help restore function and physiology to the joint.


Stress affects us all in different ways but in general, stress tends to cause tight muscles, aching, sleep disturbance and a general feeling of pressure. This tends to affect the body in becoming very tight and out of alignment. Subsequently, as the vertebrae become misaligned, pressure builds on the spinal nerves, and the resulting pressure may affect your health. If the nerve signals are interrupted between your brain and your body at the spinal level it may leave you with pain, and a lack of energy. Chiropractic can help to align and release this pressure thus helping you to feel better.


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